Frequently asked questions

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1. Who are EIT Health and the Wild Card Projects looking for?

Wild Card is open to anyone who is interested: academics, researchers, engineers, entrepreneurs, scientists, data analysts, business analysts and advisors, or simply motivated, creative and inventive people – everyone is welcome.

EIT Health is looking for the best and the brightest talent in Europe. The ideal team will be composed of three different profiles:

  • Technical Lead: focuses on the available technology options, requirements and architectural issues. It needs to be someone with extensive experience with the technology or the science which will be at the center for the proposed solution.
  • Clinical Lead: focuses on the medical and healthcare delivery issues (can be a practicing physician, clinical department manager).
  • Business Lead: focuses on the overall business objectives, customer definition, business plan, etc. It needs to be someone with business expertise. It would be an advanatge if you previously had entrepreneurial experience. An MBA is NOT required. Deep market expertise in the related area will be valued.

There is no assumption that the Business Lead will be responsible for coordinating the team’s work.

This knowledge and expertise does not need to be specific to one individual, we are interested in people who have combined skills – someone with expertise in more than one of the areas noted above. For example, a clinician with an MBA and/or experience in the industry.

We recognise that not every team may require a full-time Clinical Lead, depending on the project.

It’s about finding the right people, not just the ideal team.

2. What is Wild Card not looking for?

EIT Health is looking for new, ground-breaking and innovative ideas with commercial potential. What EIT Health is not looking for:

  • Drug development
  • Research proposals
  • Requests for direct donations or grants to individuals
  • Projects with existing or current EIT Health funding

3. Who can apply to the Wild Card Projects?

Individuals or teams can apply. EIT Health is looking for the best and the brightest talents to solve some of healthcare’s greatest challenges.

If you are applying as part of a team, each team member must fill in the application form separately and indicate other applicants as fellow team members.

Already created startups or companies are not eligible to apply.

4. What do I need to be eligible for the Wild Card Projects?

There are two criteria to be eligible:

  • Applicants must hold a European Union citizenship (EU Member State, their outermost regions, overseas countries or territories linked to the Member States), Horizon 2020 associated countries, or be permanent residents of one of the countries listed here.
  • Applicants shall possess full professional English proficiency.

5. Which criteria are used to evaluate the applications?

There are 4 selection criteria by which every application will be evaluated:

Domain knowledge:

Individuals will be evaluated by their level of expertise and level of excellence in:

  • Science and/or Technology for the Technical Lead,
  • A Clinical Area or Disease Area for the Clinical Lead,
  • Entrepreneurial experience and/or market/industry knowledge for the Business Lead.

Uniqueness of approach:

  • Ideas should use innovative and unique approaches to solve the challenges. For example, applying existing knowledge in a new way or in a different context, or applying new knowledge to solve challenges with a different approach.
  • Solutions need to transform the current paradigm – we are looking for 100% improvements for the industry.

Feasibility of the idea and potential for scalability:

  • Ideas should be feasible in terms of the science and/or technology involved, the timeline and the resources required.
  • Projects should be possible to scale. That is, it should be possible to implement the results in multiple healthcare settings (regions/countries).


Solutions must create an impact in the following metrics:

  • Improving patient-centered outcomes (clinical and non-clinical).
  • Increasing healthcare system efficiency: either achieving more with the same budget or achieving the same with less budget.
  • Granting access to healthcare services (more people accessing the healthcare system).

6. Who should apply, how and when?

The deadline for 2018 applications closed on 9 March 2018. Please continue to visit our website for news and updates on the Wild Card projects. More information on the 2019 call for applications will be made available on this website later this year.

7. Is it better to apply as an individual or as a team?

All applicants will be assessed individually, whether they apply on their own or as part of a team. There is no preference for admitting teams or individuals.

8. I was born outside Europe, but currently live here. Can I apply?

Applicants must hold the relevant citizenship or be permanent a resident of one of the countries listed here.

9. I speak English but I don’t have any official certificate to prove my proficiency. Can I apply?

Yes, you can apply. As EIT Health’s working language is English, applicants shall possess full professional English proficiency. Both, the interviews and the tournament will be conducted in English.

10. I have deep expertise in my field (technical, clinical, business) but I do not have a very innovative idea. Should I apply?

Yes, you should. You might be the perfect fit for a team that has a great unique innovative idea and are looking for your expertise.

11. If I don't apply with an idea, what should I do with parts of the application form regarding proposed solutions and descriptions?

Do not leave any part of the application form empty. Complete the form by concentrating on highlighting the unique experience and skills you can offer to the Wild Card programme and projects.

12. We are a team of two people, who is missing one of the applicant profile types - should we apply?

Yes, you should apply. EIT Health will provide opportunities to find the relevant missing profiles in each team.

13. We have a start-up company, can we apply?

No. Wild Card seeks to establish new start-up companies working on ideas addressing the Wild Card challenges. See Question 31 below for related information.

14. What type of ideas are EIT Health looking for?

EIT Health is looking for novel ideas to solve two challenges in the 2018 Call, aiming for 100% improvements for the industry. Solutions need to transform the current paradigm.

More information on the challenges can be found on the website, see

Challenge 1: SMART HEALTH

Challenge 2: FIGHT BACK

15. Will EIT Health provide individual feedback to the projects presented?

EIT Health is not obliged to provide formal feedback to any applicant on his/her application.


16. When will the online interviews take place?

The interviews will take place 15 – 27 March 2018. You will be contacted via email in advance to schedule the interview with the external evaluator.

17. How many people will be selected for the online interviews?

A maximum of thirty (30) persons per challenge. Where small teams apply, EIT Health reserves the right not to invite all team members to the interview stage or the tournament.

18. Who will select the applicants for the interview stage?

A dedicated Selection Committee will establish the list of applicants invited to the online interviews. EIT Health will engage external independent expert evaluators and representatives from EIT Health Partners, who contributed to the formulation of the Wild Card Challenges, to participate in the selection process.

All information and documents, in any form (i.e. paper or electronic), disclosed in writing or orally in relation to the evaluation must be treated confidentially by EIT Health and the experts is engages. The experts undertake to observe strict confidentiality in relation to their services. To this end, the expert must not use or disclose, directly or indirectly, confidential information or documents for any purpose other than fulfilling their obligations in connection with the evaluation process without prior written approval of the contracting party. Any material /documents/reports/deliverables are made available either on paper or electronically to the experts who then work from their own or other suitable premises, he/she will be held personally responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of any documents or electronic files sent and for returning, erasing or destroying all confidential documents or files upon completing the evaluation as instructed.

19. How long will each interview take?

Each interview will last between 45 and 60 minutes.

20. Who will conduct the interviews?

Independent experts, with the support of EIT Health staff, will conduct the interviews.

21. When and who will notify the applicants who makes it into the Tournament?

You will receive a notification via email before 4 April 2018. Applicants who were interviewed online will receive an email notification informing them whether they have been successful and will progress to the Tournament, or unsuccessful and will not progress further.


22. What is the Tournament?

It is a competition where new ideas compete with one another in numerous rounds of vetting, and only the strongest and most promising ideas make it to the final round.

23. When and where will the Tournament happen?

The Tournament will take place the week of 16-20 April 2018 in Galway, Ireland. The Tournament is hosted by a partnership of Wild Card incubators and EIT Health partners: BioInnovate, BioExel, Biocat, Medical Valley and RISE.

24. Who will cover the costs to attend the Tournament?

The invitation to participate in the Tournament includes full coverage of travel expenses, accommodation, sight-seeing and food costs.


25. When will the winners be selected?

The Tournament stage will provide inputs to the selection process for determining the winners. After the Tournament, the Selection Committee will meet to make a final decision on which people/teams are the winners. The decision will be communicated via email to all participants within one week of the end of the Tournament.

26. Who will form the winning teams?

The Selection Committee will select the winning people/teams. Individuals that apply as a team will be considered as a team. Individuals that apply alone will be making the final decision on joining a team or not.

27. Are the winning teams expected to relocate?

Yes, the winning teams will be expected to re-locate to their chosen incubator for the duration of the project.

EIT Health incubators engaged in the programme are located in the following cities: Barcelona, Biscay (Bilbao), Coimbra, Delft, Galway, Garching (Munich), Limerick, Lodz, Lund, Madrid, Nurnberg, Paris, Stockholm, Valencia.

28. Are part-time working arrangements acceptable?

Yes, some of your team may work part-time on the project as required. You can use the funds as you believe is best for your project.

29. Will these part-time workers need to relocate to the selected incubator?

No, they will not need to relocate to the selected incubator.

30. Will these part-time workers work in other places of the world, or do they need to be working in a European country?

They can be working from anywhere in the world.

31. Who owns the Intellectual Property?

Any intellectual property created will be owned by the project team and, upon incorporation of the winning project, by the company created to further develop the winning project. All team members will have to agree to assign any IP rights to said company. Any dissemination of results by the team and/or the startup legal entity shall be subject to the prior approval of EIT Health.

32. Is EIT Health taking any equity in the company?

No. The financial support from EIT Health in the Wild Card Projects is equity-free. Only if the venture is successful, will EIT Health receive a percentage from the sales or benefit from another profit-sharing arrangement to be defined in the grant agreement with the created company.

33. Who will select the incubator where the teams will spend their two next two years?

EIT Health will advise the teams on which accelerator is better suited for the type of project they are carrying out. The final decision lies with the winning teams.

34. Will EIT Health provide mentoring and coaching?

Each of the two teams will have a Lead Mentor, who will work with them regularly. The Lead Mentor will spend a significant amount of working hours helping the teams to become successful endeavors.

In addition, EIT Health will provide three different types of mentors:

  • Domain expertise mentors: individuals or groups with deep domain expertise in technology or science.
  • Business mentors: experienced executives who will provide business and management insights to the teams.
  • Organisational coaches: coaches with experience in helping teams develop and transform into high performing teams.

Additionally, the teams will receive continuous financial and operational support from EIT Health incubators and EIT Health network for the maximum period of 24 months.

35. What happens after a team is awareded as a Wild Card Project?

There are three things that will happen:

  • The team prepares an Action Plan to be discussed with EIT Health. The team will receive support from mentors, accelerators and the EIT Health Partner network.
  • The team selects an incubator that will support them and where they will spend their working days.
  • A start-up company should be created. The shares of that company should be equally divided amongst the founders, unless other preferred agreement is selected by all team members.

36. Can teams go to several incubators?

Yes, they can.

37. When are the teams expected to start working?

Teams can start working as early as they wish. Teams can move into the selected incubator as early as the Contract with EIT Health is signed. Projects are expected to start no later than 15th October 2018.

38. Can EIT Health declare the prize void?

Yes, if the ideas presented are not top quality.

39. What happens if one team member decides to leave in the middle of the programme?

He/she will have to transfer all his/her rights over whatever has been developed by him or her up to that point, (or grant exclusive licenses). He/she will need to sell the shares to the remaining members or EIT Health, for the price of one (1) EURO. All this will be the subject of specific legal undertakings.

40. What happens if all the members of the team decide to leave the project?

In principle, the project and the start-up will be closed and support from EIT Health will be stopped.


41. What can the EIT Health grant be used for?

Anything required to make the project a success (salaries, housing, travel expenses,  prototyping, IP analysis, etc.) under the condition that these expenses need to eligible under Horizon 2020 schemes (see here).

42. Will the team get one (1) million EUROS in one lump sum?

No. The funds will be transferred when the Action Plan is evaluated, every 6 months. There will be 2 payments per year, or another reasonable payment schedule may be agreed with the teams.

43. Does the team need to validate the expenses with somebody from EIT Health?

Wild Card Projects do not need to get approval from EIT Health before incurring all expenses. Expenses need to be eligible under the Horizon 2020 schemes (see here). The teams are under the obligation to report the expenses to keep up with compliance obligations from the Horizon 2020. EIT Health may engage support to help the start-ups.


44. To whom are the teams accountable?

The winning teams will expected to report to EIT Health throughout their project and will be accountable to them also.

45. How will progress be measured?

Every 6 months, progress against the targets in the Action Plan will be measured in a meeting with EIT Health.

46. Who will set the milestones in the Action Plan?

The milestones will be developed by the winning teams and before incorporating the company, with the help of the Business Mentors of EIT Health network. An EIT Health representative will attend the Board meetings to secure alignment.

47. Will a member of EIT Health have a seat on the representative Board of Directors of the startup?

Yes, EIT Health will hold a seat on the Board of Directors of the startup, with formal voting rights.