Medical University of Łódź


The Medical University of Lodz has a number of laboratory facilities, offering access to services and equipment, including:

  • BioBank – a unique collection of laboratory samples providing excellent conditions for the implementation of research projects;
  • HumanLab – a huge range of laboratories dedicated to different elements of the study of the human body, e.g. three-dimensional anthropometry, virtual microscopy and a standalone DynamoLab;
  • Modern office infrastructure for business and the backbone of the Enterprise Incubator – a “Virtual office”, office and laboratory for rent (available space up to 240m2) and an R&D zone at the Centre for Didactic Education of the University of Lodz (available surfaces 360m2);
  • Highly developed clinical base with a dedicated clinical trial platform;
  • Clinical trials background infrastructure:
    • 3 clinical hospitals
    • 65,000 patients a year
    • 108 hospital clinics
    • 2,809 hospital beds
    • 1,850 doctors

In addition, the Entrepreneurs Incubator at Lodz supports the development of local economic entities and other entities of the economic and social environment.


By cooperating with our centre, you will receive comprehensive support and mentoring in:

  • Securing ownership by establishing a confidentiality agreement;
  • Verification of agreements such as licensing, sales, and key provisions such as percentage of participant and intellectual property;
  • Negotiating with a contractor, investor, potential partners;
  • Access to specialist training, as well as participation in accelerated projects;

As the Centre of Innovation and Technology Transfer of the Medical University of Lodz we are active in patents (providing protection for inventions), entrepreneurship (sale of rights to inventions, granting of licenses for technologies, creation of companies).

In addition, we guarantee access to specialists in medicine, a patent attorney, innovation brokers, and clinical research.


The Medical University of Lodz is an EIT Health Partner. In addition, the Centre of Innovation and Technology Transfer offers a range of EIT Health programmes, as well as our own that provide vast networking opportunities.

We are affiliated with the Academic Transfer Technology Centres (PACTT) which collects units responsible for the management and commercialization of intellectual property in Poland. We are also part of the pan-European ASTP Proton initiative, gaining access to an international network of more than 700 members from agencies across 45 countries, dealing with the commercialisation of knowledge.


As part of the Knowledge and Innovation Zone, we create space for the exchange of interdisciplinary knowledge and competences in innovation and entrepreneurship with huge participation from a range of projects and start-ups. By fulfilling the mission of combining business with science, we mediate in business contacts between scientists and entrepreneurs, resulting in connections with grants, funds and large-scale projects worth up to €20 million.