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Interviews are inevitable for most in life but even more so if you’re a budding entrepreneur with a good story to tell. Knowing how to take part in an interview correctly is a vital skill for any entrepreneur and will be required for occasions such as; angel investor rounds, pitching to stakeholders, showcasing performance results and interviews with journalists. Being able to take questions on board, process them and provide a concise, informative and engaging answer is an important requirement for any entrepreneur and when done well, it will make you stand out from competitors.

Knowing this, we at EIT Health Wild Card have developed some tips to will help aspiring entrepreneurs develop their interview skills.

Prepare your elevator pitch

This is the most important part of the interview process, its when you describe who you are and what your solution is all about. This is the point where you grab the interviewers attention and get them interested in what you have to say next. Whats important to remember here is to keep it short and to the point. More often than not entrepreneurs ramble about their product/idea because they are so invested in it. It’s important to think about what stakeholders and customers hear and see and less is always more.

Set yourself apart from others

This is where you talk about your experience in your chosen industry, the skills you have developed and the knowledge you have gained. Talk about what led you to where you are today and how your passions have helped you get to where you are. It’s also important to look at competitors within your field and see what they are talking about as their unique selling point. Figure out what makes you better than them and why you’re a better bet than anyone else in your field.

Know what motivates you

Understanding what motivates you is a requirement for anyone who wants to be fulfilled and effective in their professional life. Whether it’s problem solving, becoming the leader in the organization or simply changing how things are done, knowing what motivates you and bringing that across in an interview will show who you really are and give the interviewer something they can bet on.

Taking part in interviews is always hard, especially for those who don’t do it very often but if you can stick to the above tips, try to relax and be yourself the interview will be a success.

For Wild Card, and many other programmes, employers and investors, it’s not only about your solution; it’s also about seeing your understanding of and passion for the problem.