Innovation Skåne does not provide office space or any equipment itself, but represents the collected infrastructure for innovation within the geographical area known as the County of Scania (Skåne), where Region Skåne is the regional administration body offering services such as healthcare, regional development and welfare services. Therefore we could enable support from regional incubators and accelerators which offer office space, medtech and life science laboratories, clinical trial services and test beds integrated into healthcare clinics. Innovation Skåne can offer space for workshops and events.


Innovation Skåne offers access to:

  • Advanced business advisory support – including legal, financial, marketing and IPR services, and also support within deep tech (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Big Data and Blockchain technology.
  • Innovation management support – experts on how to execute innovation projects within the healthcare domain, in collaboration with healthcare professionals, SMEs, research and other professionals. This also includes access to networks of expertise on related subject areas, such as healthcare related IT, legal, health economics, design, research, regulatory and procurement.
  • Test bed services (tests, validation and clinical trials) related to products, services and processes in close collaboration with Region Skåne (as a healthcare provider).

In addition through our network of incubators and accelerators, we can offer access to specialised innovation support services within industry areas such as life science and medtech, food, mobile technologies, and media.


As well as our own well-established network and community, as the innovation company of Region Skåne we have access to innovation resources and services within the entire innovation eco-system within the Scania region. This includes a number of clusters, incubators and accelerators.

Innovation Skåne is lead partner in a Nordic-wide community for SMEs and start-ups within healthtech, referred to as HealthTech Nordic, which currently includes more than 100 SMEs and start-ups.

The Innovation Management Team within Innovation Skåne has an extensive portfolio of innovation projects in collaboration with Region Skåne healthcare services and other external parties (e.g. other regions, research institutes, academia, companies, and national governments). Most of the projects relate to digitalisation and to transformation of healthcare services enabled by digitalisation.

The Business Advisory function services more than 250 clients with business development support within different industry domains, including life science, medtech and healthtech.

Innovation Skåne has strategic innovation partnerships with other motional healthcare providers in academia (two of the major University Hospitals in Sweden) and close collaboration with RISE (Research Institute of Sweden).


Innovation Skåne is well positioned within the Swedish national innovation system and is regarded as one of the main players when it comes to innovation within healthcare systems and how to foster innovation and run successful innovation projects for public partners, such as the main healthcare providers in Sweden.