Although not a traditional incubator, Technalia Ventures can provide office space and access to our labs. Our premises provide space to work in close collaboration with our mentors and research team.

The infrastructure provided consists of multiple laboratories: two homelabs (one of them equipped with smart environmental control and home activity monitoring technologies, and the other one providing an ideal environment for usability tests in actual environments and equipped with two observation rooms), a biomechanical laboratory, a physiological signals analysis laboratory, a biological testing centre, and a biotechnology/microbiology centre.


Tecnalia Ventures offers a complete Incubation Accelerating Programme (IMPACT):

  • Identify & Attract – identify and review projects received from multiple channels;
  • Match & Select – train to perform, pitching sessions in a venture contest format;
  • Protect – provide support with patents, copyrights, trademarks and other forms of protection;
  • Accelerate & Develop – continuous learning process that reviews the project milestones of value creation;
  • Commercialisation – completing the entrepreneurial team and help presenting opportunities to potential investors; and
  • Escalation – scale up business opportunities to reach new markets or diversify the offer.

Projects can jump in at any stage depending on maturity.

To provide these services, Tecnalia Ventures counts on a highly skilled team, combining decades of experience in business creation and tech transfer, mentoring and support in different fields: legal, financial, technical, and marketing and IP.


As Venture Builders, we can connect our partners with Tecnalia’s entrepreneurial ecosystem of:

  • Entrepreneurs: a network of more than 500 entrepreneurs connected through Tecnalia’s Entrepreneurs Club.
  • Research: more than 70 technologists from Tecnalia in the health sector.
  • Business: regional and national businesses and start-ups (some of them owners of Tecnalia).
  • Investors: Tecnalia’s Investment Business Forum, Newro (specific funding program for neurotechnologies).
  • Public administrations and other bodies such as business schools, start-up incubators and universities.

We can also provide access to regional (Basque Country) healthcare stakeholders, mainly Osakidetza (Basque Public Health system, with its various hospitals and the network of primary care), Fundación MATIA (private provider of care services), companies from the medical devices sector and policy makers, among others.

Moreover, we have different collaboration agreements and alliances with renowned international universities and hospitals: University Johns Hopkins, University of Pittsburgh, HSB-AIST, Instituto Guttmann and University of Navarra, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna (Bio-robotics Institute), University of Montpelier, University of Tubingen and University of Berkley; as well as regional key players in the biomedical research field, such as SAS (Andalusian health service).


Tecnalia Ventures is member of EIT InnoEnergy and EIT Raw Materials actively participating in their Business Creation Activities and Innovation Projects performing Feasibility Studies, mentoring support, networking, training, go to market strategy.

Tecnalia Ventures also participates at the European Ventures Alliance. This project is carried out in alliance with other European Technology Research Organisations and aims at creating an international hub for licencing patents, commercialising technology, and cross-border investment for the internationalisation of technology-based business opportunities.