STARTUPV is the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the Polytechnic University of Valencia and consists of a network of spaces for start-ups within the university campuses of Valencia, Gandia and Alcoi.

There is also a whole building available with co-working space for over 20 start-ups, and private offices for a further 30. Until now, more than 200 start-ups, created by university students and graduates, have been hosted in our ecosystem. In addition, the university provides access to laboratories and fab lab.

La Fe Hospital is just 5 minutes from the university and is one of our partners, helping with clinical trials and other services.


Our services includes the basics—internet access, security and cleaning services—as well as legal support, access to funding, training, marketing and IT assessments.

STARTUPV is one of the entrepreneurial services of the university, carried out by IDEAS UPV, that also includes the dissemination of the entrepreneurial culture across the university community, mentoring, training, an automatic tool to build teams (TeamerUp), creation and development of start-ups and university spin-offs, and access to public and private funding.


STARTUPV is a key stakeholder in our regional entrepreneurial ecosystem which also includes Instituto de Biomecánica de València, Hospital La Fe, Hospital Clínico, our local government, several business accelerators and incubators such as Demium Startups, Bbooster, Plug’n’Play or Lanzadera, several business angel associations and a public-private investment fund of €4 million called Tech Transfer UPV – created with the aim of investing in start-ups from the university. Tech Transfer UPV has already invested in two start-ups from the health sector: Quibim and AW Sensors.

Our excellent staff also engage with other EIT bodies such as Climate-KIC and have experience and knowledge with health research and accelerator/entrepreneurial programmes.


IDEAS UPV was created in 1992, and was awarded with the Entrepreneurship promotion award of the European Enterprise Awards in 2009. IDEAS UPV also contributed to obtain the European Union label of EER for the Valencian Region in 2015.