Abtrace is using artificial intelligence to tackle AMR – perhaps the greatest global health threat of our time.

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is growing worldwide. It means infections and diseases are harder to treat and with a limited pool of antibiotics to choose from, we must act now before it is too late.

Overuse of antibiotics has been identified as the main driver of AMR. Wild Card 2018 winner, Abtrace is developing a ground-breaking solution that helps clinicians prescribe antibiotics optimally.

Using the €2m Wild Card investment, the team behind Abtrace are using big data techniques to unlock insights from millions of patient consultations and better understand clinical decisions. This will inform the development of technology that uses machine learning to provide clinicians with real-time, patient-specific outputs to assist them with optimal prescribing, instantly, for every patient and every prescription.

the cost of AMR in Europe each year

AMR is expected to be responsible for more deaths than cancer and diabetes combined by 2050

antibiotic prescriptions are inappropriate

Every use of an antibiotic comes with a risk that resistance might develop.

The three Abtrace team members (now co-founders) were accepted to the Wild Card 2018 programme individually, and matched together, bringing complementary skills and a shared passion for the topic as a result of their own experiences of the human cost of drug resistant organisms. Dr Umar Naeem Ahmad is a frontline clinician, Helder Soares is a medicinal chemist developing novel compounds and Dr Cristina Correia is a biomedical engineer working on the interface of research and industry.

The team scored highly thoughout the process and following robust testing and validation of the concept, Abtrace secured the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to secure €2m investment to turn their transformative idea into reality, with support from EIT Health for the next two years.

Located at the incubator laboratory at Instituto Pedro Nunes in Portugal, the team are dedicated to growing their start-up and fighting AMR. During this time Abtrace has gained invaluable access to the EIT Health network and received support from mentors, including IPN and CIMIT (Consortia for Improving Medicine with Innovation & Technology), to develop their solution and accelerate their growth.

Abtrace is a game-changer. Helder Soares, co-founder said: “We share a vision of a future where all antibiotic usage is analysed, tracked and tailored, with clinicians empowered with the benefit of collective medical experience to make the correct treatment decisions for patients. It is an ambitious plan, but we feel the technology and motivation now exists to work towards this future in the next few years.”

This solution can enable us to take back control of our antibiotics, providing better treatment, a more sustainable health system and preserving life-saving antibiotics for future generations.

“The process is tough and thorough but, in the end, the Wild Card programme gives you the freedom to really challenge the boundaries of what is considered possible today. It’s an exciting opportunity that brought together an extraordinary team of mentors who are brilliant, very experienced and really enthusiastic.”


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