A portable and AI-based perimetry device for 70% faster, patientfriendly and much more cost-efficient glaucoma patient monitor

Globally, 80M people suffer from glaucoma, a chronic eye disease that leads to irreversible blindness. Visual field testing / perimetry is one of the standard tools to detect, diagnose and monitor glaucoma.

Currently, the tests are long (c. 25 min.) and tiring for the predominantly older patients. This leads to 5-30% perimetry tests not being reliable. Lastly, they are performed on bulky, stationary devices which require a dedicated room and assistant. This in turn limits capacity and increases costs for practices and hospitals.

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Co-founders Dr. Serife Kucur and Prof. Dr. Raphael Sznitman started applying machine learning techniques to ophthalmology & perimetry data as early as 2015. They used the predictive power of AI to substantially accelerate perimetry exams. Further research around the viability of portable devices to broaden access to testing then gave rise to PeriVision. Patrick Kessel, the third co-founder, previously worked with medtech and pharma clients at the Boston Consulting Group. He wanted to combine his passion for innovation and medical technology and joined the team to drive the commercialization and fundraising efforts in early 2021.To strengthen the team with additional clinical expertise, Dr. Bobby Tang joined the team during the Wildcard accelerator as a clinical advisor and will continue to work with them in the future.

We perform perimetry tests in 70% less time and on a patient-friendly headset. Through the portability and speed we democratize access to more frequent testing and new monitoring pathways, e.g. at-home or in less specialized care settings like opticians or pharmacies. Higher frequency testing reduces the data variability and allows a richer characterization of disease progression and appropriate clinical interventions. PeriVision requires neither a dedicated room nor an assistant which improves the economics of our customers’ workflows. Thus, by combining AI and portable systems, PeriVision will be the vehicle to drive the transformation towards more patient-friendly and cost-efficient glaucoma monitoring.

In the two next years we have to finalize our product, obtain regulatory approval for CE class 2a and FDA 510K exempt and launch in the EU and US

“The trend towards democratized and decentralized access as well as telehealth solutions is already well under way. We want to shape this future in glaucoma care. In this context, the Wild Card program helped us to understand who benefits most from our solution and how we build a sustainable business around that.”

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