Digital blood samples – changing medical diagnostics from a trust-based system into an accurate, evidence-based system.

As many as three in four medical decisions are based on diagnostic results – often blood samples.

For the future of personalized medicine and the rollout of highly sensitive testing methods (e.g. liquid biopsy) pre-preanalytics must be changed from “trust to evidence”, making sure that the quality of human blood samples is guaranteed from patient to lab.

Wild Card 2018 Smart4Diagnostics (previously DX Labtrack) is creating a new standard in diagnostics with support from EIT Health. The start-up developed the “digital human blood sample fingerprint”, a complete data-picture of all quality aspects for human blood samples from the collection until lab arrival. With the smart device – “Sample-CheckIn” the data-chain for human samples starts immediately after collection, monitoring it from the moment it is taken to the moment it arrives in the lab. Unlike current manual processes of taking blood, the data is collected and instantly reported into the laboratory whilst the patient is still present. This allows for any errors to be identified and corrected immediately, therefore not only increasing the accuracy of the data but also avoiding the need for repeat patient visits.

of all errors in lab-diagnostics are due to the current sample collection process

of human samples deteriorate to the point that they no longer represent the health status of the patient biologically

of blood samples deteriorate, as a result of environmental factors

Smart4Diagnostics closes the data gap between blood collection and lab analysis

Smart4Diagnostics co-founders are molecular biology PhD, Dr Yannick Timo Böge, software engineer, Julia Flototto, regulatory affairs expert Hans Maria Heÿn and orthopaedic and traumatology specialist, Malte Dancker.

Böge and Heÿn first met Dancker through the Wild Card programme and in the process invited, Flototto to complete their team. From their combined experiences of working in the lab, the hospital and IT, the multi-skilled team held a common realisation that the quality of human samples arriving into the lab was lacking. It means thousands of medical doctors are currently working with inaccurate lab results every day, leading to a number of inappropriate medical treatments for patients.

Their idea to create the smart device, successfully secured the €2m investment. They are now focused on growing their start-up, embedded in the incubator at the Technical University of Munich and developing their technology.

Smart4Diagnostics is taking the first steps in transforming European healthcare from an analogue to a digital system.

“The future of healthcare is in essence a data driven future. The question is, who is producing the data? Who is owning the data? And in the end, who is interpreting the data? [Smart4Diagnostics] wouldn’t have been started in this successful manner without the help of EIT Health.”

Dr Hans Maria Heyn, MBA, Co-Founder, Smart4Diagnostics

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