Digital Therapeutics

How to harness the power of digital solutions to prevent, manage and treat medical conditions or disease?

Digital therapeutics offer a gateway to a new era of augmented medication. In many areas, traditional medicines have reached their limits but dynamic software and technological solutions create new possibilities that serve the patient rather than the disease. As Europe’s population grows older the need for these technologies is urgent.

Yet while these dynamic therapies are rich with innovation, new regulation, reimbursement models and the outdated healthcare data systems can’t keep up with the pace of progress.

of diseases globally are chronic conditions

more of the world’s population will be over 60 years by 2050

of health professionals named reduced cost of care as a major benefit of Digital Therapeutics

We Challenge You to transform the lives of EU citizens.

Preventative Care

Traditional medicines are tailored towards reactive rather than preventative approaches. Digital solutions have the power to transform our understanding of diseases and how we treat them by predicting future health outcomes. Identifying at-risk patients before the deterioration of symptoms and employing preventative care solutions early as part of their lifestyle, could change the course of a patient’s life.

Diagnosis and Prescription

Digital and sensor technology could transform treatment strategies. The smart use of patient data and diagnostics will help health professionals make better decisions on treatment that will improve clinical outcomes. We need solutions that will gather and process patient data and give therapeutic recommendations to patients and healthcare professionals.

New Therapeutic Solutions

Current medicines in several therapeutic areas such as rheumatology, musculoskeletal disease, pain management and chronic respiratory disease, don’t go far enough. Mental health treatments create dependencies and have undesired effects, while solutions for complex diseases like diabetes, which require patient engagement, need to go further to support patient compliance. Digital solutions can unlock the potential to answer these pressing needs.

Care Management

With the increase in life expectancy, the number of people living with chronic diseases is increasing. These long-term illnesses require proactive management and demand costly care and treatment solutions that are often insufficient and require patient mobility, which isn’t always possible.

Dynamic digital technology could provide clear answers to help optimise disease management, providing greater quality of life and more cost-efficient, accessible outcomes.

Machine learning, augmented reality and the internet of things aren’t the future of healthcare, we need them here and now. Digital therapeutics will remove current limitations to provide affordable solutions better treatment and greater access, to ultimately improve all our lives.

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The main requirements

Software at the centre

Measurable clinical benefit

Cost efficient

Attractive to HCP’s and patients

Become a game-changer


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