About Our Project

Almost 70% of all medical decisions are based on diagnostic results and are often obtained from blood samples. What most people don’t know is that blood samples are extremely sensitive to environmental conditions, e.g. on their way from the patient to the laboratory. Blood sample quality can deteriorate due to storage and transport conditions, to the point where the analytical results are impacted on and the sample no longer represents the initial status of the patient.

DX-Labtrack seeks to ensure that these storage and transport conditions are always reliably monitored. All relevant parameters are tracked directly via the blood  sample tube with a smart sensor solution and then information is then compiled into a human-sample-digital-fingerprint.

Through the surveillance of blood samples in this way, we can change medical diagnostics from a trust-based to an evidence-based system, and medical doctors and patients can be sure that the analytical results are actually correct.

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Meet the Team

Our team combines a range of skills that complement each other and allow us to cover all the angles of our project with the necessary skills.

Dr. Yannick Timo Böge

Yannick Timo Böge is a molecular biologist and serves as analytical lead in the team. He has 10 years of experience in IVD (medical diagnostic devices) R&D including human sample management and logistics. He is a former Head of Laboratory in the medtech industry and his practical knowledge is a clear asset towards the technical success of our project.

Dr. Malte Dancker

Malte Dancker is a working physician who acts as our clinical lead. He has 3 years of experience in orthopedics, traumatology, health information management and evaluation of clinical processes. His insights are key to implementing new products into existing processes.

  • Dr. Julia Flötotto

Julia Flötotto is an experienced software engineer and product lead with 10+ years of industry record. She has studied in Germany and France, and her recently obtained MBA in Entrepreneurship complements her expertise with a focus on business model design, design thinking and product management.

Dr. Hans Maria Heyn

Hans Maria Heyn is our team‘s business lead. He has 10 years experience in the field of Business Management, Innovation and Planning and is an is an expert in IVD and medical device regulatory affairs with a broad network of key opinion leaders.

DX-Labtrack and EIT Health

DX-Labtrack are setting up their HQ in the extraordinary startup environment of Munich – at the heart of the Bavarian tech innovation, UnternehmerTUM in Garching.

As part of our project activities, we attended the Munich Techfest at UnternehmerTUM and won Techfest’s Startup Competition.

Roche Diagnostics, in Greater Munich, is also a strong partner for us within the EIT Health network.

Our mentor, Prof. Dr. Oliver Hayden, holds the Heinz-Nixdorf-Chair of Biomedical Electronics at TU München and will support us by providing his technical knowledge and also connecting us to his vast expert network.

Our Wild Card Experience

Being part of Wild Card was an exceptional challenge and a gigantic step forward for us personally and for the project.

Encouraged by the coaches from CIMIT to get out and challenge our idea through interviewing a wide range of potential customers and partners, we were able to sharpen our understanding of the market and the problem that we are aiming to address.