Wild Card Projects are highly innovative projects with a potentially trans-formative impact on healthcare, which if successful, can be a major breakthrough in a healthcare/ prevention-related area.

This cross-pillar activity, based on challenges provided by the EIT Health community, will offer a flexible structure to support newly created start-ups.  Incubators’ and accelerators’ engagement throughout the process is essential to Wild Card projects’ success.

Therefore enlisted below items and services will be included in the offer presented to the winning teams and constitute a commitment of engagement in the EIT Health Wild Card projects instrument.


IPN incubator (IPNincubadora) has over 2.000 square meters dedicated to incubation, and 4.500 square meters dedicated to acceleration, and can make available coworking space or a dedicated office space with different formats available: 20, 28, 33, 40, 56 or 66 m2.

Several meeting rooms and auditoriums / training facilities are also available.

Teams can access the Creative Lab and use several equipment as: 3D printers, CNC and laser cutting machines.






IPN has 3 main offers for the winning teams: Incubation, Acceleration and R&D Laboratories

IPN incubator project management team can provide operational support in setting up a team/company but also advanced services regarding funding and financial issues:

  • Technical orientation in the companies’ establishment and early stage development
  • Tutorial follow-up for the business plan development
  • Intellectual property and legal assistance (technology transfer contracts, patents or brands registration)
  • Access and contact with several national and international research centres and the University of Coimbra
  • Access to specialized consultants in varied areas (management, investments, marketing, taxes, safety, hygiene and health services at work, market strategy, technologies, quality, among others)
  • Accounting services and tax-planning
  • Support for the applications in areas such as: incentive for business investment, R&D, innovation, employment programs, among others
  • Access to regular training in technological and management areas
  • Support to fundraising and funding
  • Marketing, market studies and networking with mature/established companies and KOL/experts




IPN is a key player in the R&D/industrial link, and given its university origin it can provide direct access to the University of Coimbra, research labs and largest Portuguese hospital (CHUC)

The experience in running international programs, will allow the wining team to have accesso to potential partners and business links to Brasil, Africa and Latin America

IPN is a founding partner of Ageing@Coimbra and of the Health Cluster Portugal, besides other associations as EBN, EARTO, UTEN, PROTON or TII

Name of the EIT Health Partner or affiliated entity:  

Instituto Pedro Nunes

Address, country/region:                         

Rua Pedro Nunes, Coimbra, Portugal

Contact person for the purpose of the Wild Card projects:

Jorge Pimenta: Project Manager, jpimenta@ipn.pt +351.910018625 / +351.239700300

IPNincubadora has several soft landing programs in place, from which the winning teams can benefit: REDE EMPREENDIA (Latin America); GLOBAL STARTUP PROGRAM (USA); EBN (Europe and China); RYME (Israel) or land2land (Brasil).

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