Wild Card Projects are highly innovative projects with a potentially trans-formative impact on healthcare, which if successful, can be a major breakthrough in a healthcare/ prevention-related area.

This cross-pillar activity, based on challenges provided by the EIT Health community, will offer a flexible structure to support newly created start-ups. Incubators’ and accelerators’ engagement throughout the process is essential to Wild Card projects’ success.

Therefore enlisted below items and services will be included in the offer presented to the winning teams and constitute a commitment of engagement in the EIT Health Wild Card projects instrument.


Neither Biocat nor Moebio have own spaces to give to the teams, but both are located in the Barcelona Science Park, which hosts 2,000 professionals, 4 research centers and 70 organizations. Biocat develops the activities regarding its accelerator programs (MOEBIO) in these spaces.

They are also partners of the EIT Health so we could eventually explore a collaboration.


Biocat, under the initiative MOEBIO, develops two programs to develop entrepreneurship and innovation in lifesciences, which can contribute significantly to the Wildcards team. The specific contribution of these two programs, both included within EIT Health pipeline, is:

  • Moebio d·HEALTH Barcelona: 9 months postgraduate program, based on a needs-driven innovation process for medtech, inspired and modeled in the prestigious Stanford University’s Biodesign, in which the participants experience a full cycle of innovation, from need identification to designing and prototyping a viable solution and searching for funding. The team participating in the Wildcards project could benefit of all the sessions conducted during the 9 months, which include sessions in three categories:
    • Science: medicine for entrepreneurs, business models and value chains, trends in lifescience, clinical trial design, health economics, advanced materials, etc.
      Business: management tools for entrepreneurs, business innovation, finance for entrepreneurs, regulatory, IP, reimbursement, etc.
    • Skills: teamwork and networking skills/dynamics, presentation skills, negotiation skills, etc.
    • Moebio Bootcamp – Craash: 12-week program that helps European research teams launch successful device, diagnostic and e-/digital health innovations that improve health and patient care, including European market validation (Paris and Delft) and Boston immersion (for the selected teams). The Wildcard team could benefit from all the network we’d have around the fours ecosystems we will work in and potentially from specific mentors from these sites.


Biocat acts as a strategic agent and catalyst in the construction of the Catalan healthcare and life sciences ecosystem. Its mission is to dynamize all the stakeholders of the BioRegion (companies, research groups and entities, hospitals and innovation support structures) to transform knowledge and technology into economic growth and to create a social impact. The Bioregion has 871 organizations and 95 research organizations. In 2016, Biocat has organized 24 events with a total number of attendees of 2,568 and 75 professionals participating in training sessions.

Beyond the local ecosystem, Biocat is part of international networks and has alliances with relevant parnerts in Europe and worldwide, such as EIT Health, BME Idea, CEBR, Enterprise Europe Network,

MassBio and BioXClusters, among others; which allow Biocat to have a wide network in Europe and worldwide.

Name of the EIT Health Partner or affiliated entity:
Biocat, la Fundació Bioregió

Address, country/region:
Barcelona, CLC Spain

Contact person for the purpose of the Wild Card projects:

Raquel Riera Director of Moebio ; +34 93 310 33 30

Only through MOEBIO programs the participants impact a network of more than 1,100 people (hospital managers, entrepreneurs, mentors, faculty, investors, etc.). The Wildcards team would benefit from all these connections and network.

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