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Wild Card Projects are highly innovative projects with a potentially trans formative impact on healthcare, which if successful, can be a major breakthrough in a healthcare/ prevention-related area.

This cross-pillar activity, based on challenges provided by the EIT Health community, will offer a flexible structure to support newly created start-ups.  Incubators’ and accelerators’ engagement throughout the process is essential to Wild Card projects’ success.

Therefore enlisted below items and services will be included in the offer presented to the winning teams and constitute a commitment of engagement in the EIT Health Wild Card projects instrument.


Medical Valley Center is not an ordinary incubator. Medical Valley Center stands for transdisciplinary, innovative, creative and forward-looking work and research in the areas of medical science, medical technology, digital health and pharmaceutical industry. And this has tradition: From 1893 until the late 20th century, “Reiniger, Gebbert & Schall” had been located in this building. In 1925, Siemens AG bought the company and renamed it “Siemens Reiniger Werk” in 1932. Today, pioneer work in the field of medical engineering is being done here again – in the Medical Valley Center. Within a few years, the centerpiece of the Medical Valley Campus, within shouting distance of the headquarters of Siemens Healthineers, has developed into one of the most successful centers of innovation in Germany, thereby coming close to 100% capacity. Start-ups in medical engineering and spin-offs have found a home here.

The space provided: modern, full of light, friendly and flexible. Perfect for young, motivated minds! The people who work here benefit from short distances. What makes Medical Valley Center so suitable for young start-ups is its direct proximity to Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg, to global players in the healthcare sector, to hospitals and investors as well as to other scientific and economic actors.

The close cooperation with the cluster management Medical Valley EMN e.V., operator of the Medical Valley Center, provides the companies a broad range of services and advice. Startup services, advice in financing and funding, further qualification, event management and the exchange of knowledge – the tenants of MVC can rely on full service and competent support during all phases of development of their business.

Medical Valley Center is a perfect place to work, a think tank as well as a meeting point for people who work somewhere else in the Medical Valley EMN. Networkers come together at Café SchwarzStark, the bistro where experts from the field of science and industry meet to discuss and shape the future of medical engineering in an inspiring atmosphere.

In the beginning of 2016 we opened up a new Medical Valley Center in Forchheim with additional 2500 m² office space.

We offer:

  • Office space
  • Co-Working-space
  • Maker space
  • Lab space.


We provide…

…SOURCES OF FINANCE TO IMPLEMENT YOUR IDEAS AND PROJECTS. We will put you in contact with business angels, investors and public financiers and acquire R&D funding.

…STRATEGIC PARTNERS. We will find the right partner in science, management or healthcare who will accelerate the transformation of your ideas into viable (medical) products.

…ASSISTANCE WITH MARKET ACCESS. We will advise you on matters such as certification, registration and sales – both in Germany and in key international markets

…WAYS TO PROMOTE YOUR COMPANY. We can support your press and public relations and organize event platforms to network capabilities and increase visibility.

…SUPPORT  WITH A START-UP OR COMPANY SETTLEMENT. We offer a soft landing infrastructure with needs-oriented services for start-ups and settlements of international companies.

…NEW IDEAS AND PROJECTS. We stimulate transdisciplinary exchange and the creation of new ideas and projects by hosting events, workshops and communities of practice.

Medical Valley is also experienced to co-create StartUps. In 2015 we co-founded the medical technology StartUps nice!innovations GmbH and TBrace GmbH.


The Medical Valley European Metropolitan Region Nuremberg (EMN) is a leading international cluster in medical technology. Here, there are not only highly specialized leading international research institutions, but also many emerging companies. They work closely with world-renowned health research facilities in the cluster in order to find solutions to the challenges of healthcare of today and tomorrow. The cluster is so outstanding that in January 2010 it was nominated as national Cluster of Excellence by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). Since 2007 Medical Valley EMN e. V. has been operating as a uniting cluster management organization. It currently has more than 200 members from industrial, science, healthcare, network and political sectors. The key tasks of cluster management are the development, coordination and marketing of the cluster. We measure our success by asking these fundamental questions:

  • Are we able to stimulate new ideas, projects, and foundations?
  • Do we obtain R&D funding for innovative projects?
  • Do our services catalyze the stimulation of ideas and innovations?
  • Do our activities promote the cross-sectoral and transdisciplinary exchange of knowledge?
  • Do we strengthen exchange in the cluster and improve the culture of cooperation?
  • Do we attract talents?
  • Do we support the internationalization of our partners?

To provide you with comprehensive support, we incorporate established specialists and experts within the cluster through the „One-Stop-Shop“ principle. Our current specifically selected include the operation of innovation centers in Erlangen and Forchheim, the coordination of the Bavarian Cluster for medical technology (in cooperation with Forum Med-Tech Pharma), the conducting of the Medical Valley Awards (prize for research teams in pre-foundation phases) and the coordination of the platform „Digital medical / Health“ within the Center for Digitalization Bavaria.

In 2017 Medical Valley was awarded national digital health hub of the national government.

Name of the EIT Health Partner or affiliated entity:              

Medical Valley EMN e.V.

Address, country/region:  

Henkestraße 91, 91052 Erlangen, Germany

Contact person for the purpose of the Wild Card projects:

Jörg Trinkwalter,, 0049 160 94861948

Our services help the commercialization of your ideas. Our offerings include funding-procurement and consulting, foundation support, identification and exchange of clinical partners, regulatory approval and reimbursement, strategic needs assessment and health economics evaluation, open innovation as well as international market access.

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