Pain Management

How to alleviate acute and chronic pain conditions?

The pain is not just a symptom, but an entire condition that requires specialised treatment.

Pain is different for everyone and the experience and symptoms depend not only on the type of condition but also the individual patient.

By understanding how and why pain is generated in a variety of conditions, innovative pain solutions will have a truly meaningful impact on patient lives.

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adults are diagnosed with chronic pain each year

of GDP loss in national healthcare andsocioeconomic costs of conditions associated with chronic pain annually

of postoperative patients receive adequate pain relief

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Pain Management

People can experience pain as an acute, chronic, or intermittent condition, or a combination of them. Specifically, chronic pain is a complex condition embracing physical, social and psychological factors, consequently leading to disability, loss of independence and poor quality of life.

There is a high need for improving the management of patients suffering both acute and chronic pain, as pharmacotherapy of these conditions is often inadequate. In part, this is due to poor translation of results from preclinical models into clinical trials, and also to a lack of sophistication in outcome reporting and of stratification in clinical trials. 

Chronic Pain

Worldwide, the burden caused by chronic pain is escalating: 1.9 billion people were found to be affected by recurrent tension-type headaches, which were the most common symptomatic chronic condition.Measuring years lived with disability, low back and neck pain have consistently been the leading causes of disability internationally, with other chronic pain conditions featuring prominently in the top 10 causes of disability.

Acute Pain

Acute pain is a type of pain that typically lasts less than 3 to 6 months and that is directly related to soft tissue damage (e.g. sprained ankle or an injury). Normally, acute pain gradually resolves as the injured tissues heal.Despite substantial advances in pain research in recent decades, inadequate acute pain control is still more the rule than the exception.

Pain Management is a topic that has been unaddressed
from a healthcare perspective, lacking a holistic view of the problem and not acknowledging its
importance. It has always been considered as a symptom, rather than a disease as itself.

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