Each year, the Wild Card programme selects two of Europe’s most complex healthcare challenges and sets the brightest minds to work finding solutions.

1. Mental & Brain Health

How to improve prediction, diagnosis and treatment to fight mental disorders and strengthen brain health?

The human brain is the central organ of the nervous system and is therefore one of the most important organs in the human body. Our brains give us the ability to remember, learn, concentrate and maintain physiological and emotional well-being.

Although we live in a world that knows the importance of looking after both the physiological and psychological aspects of the human brain, more and more people are diagnosed with mental disorders and neurological diseases. The European Brain Council estimates that the cost of brain disorders in Europe reaches €800bn each year and that one in three citizens will experience a brain disorder during their life.

As we live longer, our brains work for longer and that also has an impact on the level of disorders we will experience, the new challenges we will face in tackling them and the cost of treating them.

Wild Card is looking for new ways and tools to help make our brains stronger for longer and fight against the increase in disorders.

Download the Mental Health and Brain Health Challenge:


How to improve early diagnostics with the application of digital biomarkers?

Digital biomarkers (DB) are objective, quantifiable, physiological and behavioral clinically-relevant information. On one hand, DB could be seen as consumer-generated physiological and behavioral measures collected through connected digital tools (mainly wearables and apps). On the other hand, DB could be considered as broader meaning such as new ways of capturing data that before was not possible.

DB can be collected massively and cost-effectively. Besides patient monitoring, people living with a condition may only see a physician once or twice a year and may not entirely remember how they have felt on a specific day. DB help to provide more comprehensive picture continuously.

DB could significantly help in bringing healthcare from a reactive towards a more preventive approach. The characteristics of DB also holds promising potential for value-based patient-centered healthcare. Longitudinal and individual-level data collection provides the granularity and time context necessary to understand, prevent, detect, and manage disease.

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How Wild Card benefits you

Wild Card is a high-risk, high-value innovation programme that delivers benefits to the entire European healthcare ecosystem.

Fostering Innovation

How do participants benefit?

Wild Card takes participants on an entrepreneurial journey, providing two full years of funding as well as opportunities to connect and integrate with the EIT Health network across Europe.

By identifying and nurturing talent, Wild Card fosters innovation. Your original ideas, supported by us, address major challenges in healthcare.

Delivering Change

How do healthcare systems benefit?

The types of high-risk, high-value products and services that we help bring to market can make a real difference to European healthcare.

By introducing, for example, new diagnostic tools, innovative systems for testing, and different processes to avoid cross-infection, Wild Card projects have the potential to contribute to savings in European healthcare and reduce the impact of major health issues.

2018 Winners, Abtrace, uses artificial intelligence techniques to better understand clinical decisions and provide the clinician with the information that will aid a better choice, instantly, for every patient and every prescription.

DX-Labtrack, also winners in 2018, closes the data gap between blood collection and lab analysis and enables a new quality standard for diagnostic decision making.

Creating Incentives

How does industry benefit?

Wild Card helps bring cutting-edge healthcare products and services to market.

Wild Card industry and investors can follow our winning teams on their entrepreneurial journey and profile the outcomes of their work. We ensure all Wild Card finalists are in an optimal position to secure additional funding and take their ideas to the next level.

Making a Difference

How do patients benefit?

We build great companies to shift the paradigm in challenge areas and have impact on healthcare delivery for patients.

Providing new tools for healthcare professionals to accurately diagnose patients and empowering patients to manage their own health all contribute to a better functioning system that benefits all European citizens.

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