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You have the chance to create healthcare solutions that could change people’s lives. Are you up to the challenge?

We’re looking for daring, determined founders-to-be. We’ll match you with the people, the coaching and the opportunity to receive up to €2m in funds to create a game-changing life sciences company. Just choose your challenge below.

Can you transform...


How to improve prediction, diagnosis and treatment to advance women’s health outcomes?

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For decades, health issues in women have been overlooked. This needs to change.

We must shatter the healthcare gender bias and enhance care for women by focusing not only on reproductive matters, but also on conditions that have higher incidence in women.

Can you transform...

Digital Therapeutics

How to harness the power of digital solutions to prevent, manage and treat medical conditions or disease?

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Digital therapeutics hold the potential to revolutionise current medical practice.

We need to develop cutting-edge software programmes in preventative care, disease management and treatment to create new possibilities where traditional medicines have reached their limit.

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